Consultation with Veronica Basoni



Consultation via Skype with Veronica Basoni, Copywriter of LetMeCopy digital agency.


1-hour consultation with Veronica Basoni, Copywriter of LetMeCopy, the first online agency for Persuasive Marketing.

The session takes place on Skype or a similar platform.

After placing the order, we will contact you to schedule a time slot, suitable for both parties, when the session could be held.

Here are a few common cases in which entrepreneurs select this service:

  • They want to have their Facebook Ads reviewed
  • They are looking for new angles of attack for their Facebook Ads
  • They want to find the uniqueness of their product and stand out from the competition (even if their product is similar or even the same)
  • They are searching for a way to position their product or service in an oversaturated market
  • They want to know which are the most effective methods for driving traffic to their sales page

Veronica Basoni has been working as a copywriter for 2 years, and in LetMeCopy, she is responsible for writing Copy texts for customers’ Facebook Ads.


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