LoveHelix Increases Conversion Rate by 121% with LetMeCopy Ads


With the following case study, we are more than proud to share what we managed to accomplish with a client of ours. We got involved in the cosmetics market in which strong competition and the guidelines of Facebook ads give you a hard time achieving something more than average results.

This is a story of how we helped LoveHelix double their conversion rate, experimented with, and learned from new Facebook Ads that revealed previously untapped market corners.

The Client

LoveHelix produces snail slime-based rejuvenating products. The company has done well and controls the entire production cycle: it raises snails in Italy, follows each phase of their life cycle, and converts the resources into cosmetic products.

All these aspects make LoveHelix products truly exceptional, but in this market that’s simply not enough. Many companies boast about the amazing value their cosmetic products have to offer, and the competition is fierce.

Regardless of whether it is a small business or gigantic brand highly renowned worldwide, there are exceptional players in the marketing branch.

Many of LoveHelix’s competitors have television advertising, widespread distribution through single- or multi-brand stores, great feedback based on thankful testimonials… the list goes on.

The Mission

Vincenzo, LoveHelix’s marketing and communication contact person reached out to us with some hesitation. So far, he has been personally involved in all projects related to corporate marketing. Given the fact that Vincenzo has always been against delegation in this area, we are first and foremost grateful that he decided to make that exception and favor us on this one. Even with these assumptions, we managed to team up and collaborate excellently, creating perfect harmony and move throughout the entire campaign like a well-oiled machine. 

LetMeCopy’s mission was precise: to create Facebook ads that could increase the conversion rate, decrease the cost of customer acquisition, and discover unexplored market corners by competitors.

No landing pages, no funnels: our task was putting creativity on the table and coming up with a winning copy of the ad, hence knocking on cold prospects’ doors.

Growth comes by overcoming new and different challenges, so we couldn’t hold back against one of the most competitive sectors in all of web marketing. It’s worth pointing out that we are diving into a sector in which Facebook ban, seizure of advertisements, and penalty of the Business Manager are always creeping in around the corner, even for those who advertise in the most transparent manner without any exaggerated claims, backing them up with proven scientific data.

The Strategy

As always, we began with an in-depth market study. We realized that the snail-based anti-aging product market is quite diversified. It’s not only a matter of rejuvenating: some customers are looking for fewer wrinkles, while others are devoted to healthier, shinier, and more hydrated skin. These are benefits LoveHelix’s products can offer, but somehow weren’t centered into the spotlight, or least until now.

We ran some tests to better understand what people deeply cherish and value the most. In fact, we found out that in addition to the powerful rejuvenating effect, people were looking for a safe product with a controlled supply chain – indeed something LoveHelix can already provide.

In the end, we studied the competitors. There were patterns and angles of their Facebook Ads that we noticed and noted down. Going through and analyzing them, it appeared that there were still some blank spots in the market which the competition has not taken advantage of and used as leverage. Usually, the most common strategy was to incorporate all benefits into a single ad, aiming to keep it running for as long as possible, but…

We decided to do something different: by using every angle possible, we created numerous advertisements that individually empowered specific aspects. Each month, we added 4-5 creatives with engaging copy to replace the old ones with targeted and impactful new messages.

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Putting Everything Into Practice

The very first thing we did was to divide the audience by level of awareness. Some advertisements were designed for people, unfamiliar with the benefits of snail slime. Starting from a completely cold target, we enhanced the product’s category and only we placed LoveHelix’s specific offer. On other occasions, we addressed those who were already “breathing” cosmetics and advocating for their effectiveness, so we put an emphasis on our full supply chain control and the quality of LoveHelix’s ingredients.

The moment we knew we were getting into cosmetics, it has been of vital importance to gravitate within the limits imposed by Facebook’s guidelines. For a year and a half already in, we have successfully avoided the “take-that-ban” ad, an event that is not too uncommon within this market.

Here we got three advertisements that got published in September 2020, also visible below (although in Italian). The first ad targets those who are already aware of snail slime products, therefore it is based on the advantages of LoveHelix over what competitors have to offer; the second addresses those who are having a specific problem, and snail slime steps into the picture, solving this very need; the third, on the other hand, tackles the topic from afar and glorifies collagen and uses another angle to introduce the product.


Each month, new listings take the place of the old ones, keeping alive only the ads that manage to convert the best. Doing it this way puts our own ad sets in a competitive rivalry with each other and thus we ensure that only those, which are worthwhile to have, receive the budgeting to get promoted in front of potential customers.

The Results

One year after we teamed up, the conversion rate of LoveHelix’s ads has more than doubled, increasing from 1.02% to 2.13%. Not bad, given the fact that 2020 has been a very special year, as we all know.

Even during the lockdown situation, sales continued to deliver higher conversion rates than what LoveHelix used to have prior to LetMeCopy’s intervention. And be certain, we are talking about a time when people were locked up at home and didn’t have even the slightest social opportunity to show off their rejuvenated skin.

Over time, the conversion rate has gradually and systematically increased in a controlled manner. Thanks to data brought by our creatives, it helped us to further improve and upgrade the foundation we have already laid.

All this effort reflected on the acquisition cost – currently, for every € 7.04 spent on advertising, LoveHelix acquires a new customer. The average cart order is 83 €, and the margin gets close to 30%. These results explain how high the average ROI of the current campaigns is.

Words From Our Client

“With great pleasure I am writing a review for the guys from LetMeCopy.

I personally follow all the marketing and communication part of my company, LoveHelix. The word marketing, in reality, encompasses 1,000 facets: from everything that is done on site (blogs, writing articles, SEO, etc.) up to social media, sponsored posts and so on.

I’ve always been against outsourcing the marketing part, because I believe that a good entrepreneur should also be a well-rounded marketing expert. But with LetMeCopy guys I immediately got along well, because we found each other from day one speaking the same language in terms of marketing.

To sell today with all the competition out there, with all the noise there is, I think differentiating is the most important thing. Having an important partner to rely on, like LetMeCopy, I consider it something really valuable in terms of increasing brand awareness and consequently the company’s turnover.

5 stars and a nice 10/10. “

– Vincenzo Cesareo, Marketing and Communication Manager for LoveHelix

Do you want to get more sales?

Talk to one of our experts and let's discuss how we can help you get more leads and sales with Copywriting and Facebook Advertising.

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