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A Complete Record Squeeze Page Striking 77% Conversion Rate

Hekla Money is an Online Trading Company that has been operating in 23 countries around the world for over 16 years. 

They turned to LetMeCopy in order to promote a Webinar, offering its customers a course at the end. The thing was that the current Squeeze Page converted only around 4%. At that time, this seemed to be way below the company’s expectations.

When it comes to Online Trading, you have to give extremely delicate attention to every single word, or you certainly risk Facebook to cause you probems.

We were excited to take this opportunity (at LetMeCopy we love challenges of this kind) and we structured our actions with the following plan:

  • Brainstorm between Copywriting and Marketing departments
  • Identify the Buyer Persona, vital for the offered type of service
  • Discover the 2 Biggest Doubts of the Buyer Persona when it comes to Online Trading
  • Compile a Persuasive Squeeze Page that perfectly suits and addresses the needs of the target audience
  • Create 3 Facebook Ads by applying engaging and impactful Story Telling techniques

On 7 October 2019, during the speech of our Copy Chief, Mattia Fusaro, at the Copywriters Bootcamp in Milan, we discussed how important it is to choose the right words based on the Buyer Persona. The CEO of Hekla Money (Mr. Alex Billico), who was also in the audience, raised his hand and shared that the Squeeze Page we came up with for his company reached an incredible 77% Conversion Rate. If we have to be more precise and quote his words – “They (LetMeCopy) triggered something in the minds of customers”.

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