LetMeCopy is the First Persuasive Marketing Agency in Italy.

We take care of creating the necessary marketing material to advertise your product or service. We also manage your advertising campaigns with the aim of increasing your turnover.

The LetMeCopy agency was founded by Marcello Marchese, an expert in the field of persuasive writing (Copywriting) and a leader in the Community of Copywriters.

The deep knowledge and specialization in Copywriting is our secret weapon and the reason why we differentiate ourselves from other generic agencies.

For us, words are in the center of everything, representing the most powerful tool to influence the thinking of your customers and convincing them to buy your products, and not turning to your competitors.


What Do We Do in Detail?

The first thing we do is carrying out a strategic analysis of your target market and how your product or service is seen within it.

We find out who your competitors are and analyze your marketing positioning, or in other words, what people think about your company.

Then, we propose a comprehensive attack plan that lists the exact steps to go into offense and increase your sales.

In the analysis, we will share the tools you need to achieve your goal. In some cases, we will recommend a formula that combines Sales Letters and Facebook Ads, while in others, a blog and SEO adjustment will be more suitable and appropriate.

When choosing the right traffic source, we always differentiate between latent and conscious demand.

We always separate products – high-costing goods need a structured funnel to convince the readers and gain their trust, while low-ticket items rely on a more impulsive purchase.

In Which Cases Can We Help You?

If you have a physical product

If you have created a physical product that you currently sell in your store and have decided that it is time to take it online, making the most out of eCommerce’s potential, then we will study your product and make sure that every day new orders arrive in your email.

If you are a consultant

If you are a consultant and you want to show off your uniqueness, then you can delegate your marketing to us so as to free up your time and be able to dedicate to what you do best, that is, consulting your clients.

If you are an affiliate marketer

If you are an affiliate marketer and don’t want to waste time creating Facebook Ads yourself, you can take advantage of our Facebook Ads creation service and get new ideas to test them every month. 

If you are a social media manager

If you are a social media manager and you want to delegate the creation of Ads for your customers, then you can rely on us. This will give you more time to find new customers to manage each month. 

What Precautions Do We Take?

Unlike other marketing agencies, we are not interested in creating phantasmagoric animations or showcase websites, because we believe that the ultimate goal for a company is to increase turnover.

This is why we follow direct response marketing principles, combined with Copywriting: each persuasive element we create aims to trigger an action that converts into sales.

Who Do We NOT Work With?

We can help many entrepreneurs, but not we do not cover all categories. We do not work on black projects and we do not engage in practices such as cloaking or the sale of illegal items.

Furthermore, it is imporant for us to have a carte blanche on the project and the full confidence of the entrepreneur. We do not accept clients who find it difficult to delegate and feel the need to modify the work, carried out by our professionals.


Why do we do it? Because we like to blow up the sales of an interesting product. We love when we identify a product with potential and we are the ones who manage to translate the right emotion into words, therefore, into money.

The greatest satisfaction is to grow an entrepreneur’s company and we do it together.

If you have read up to here and got convinced of the possible achievement, then what are you waiting for?  Leave your details on the appropriate page and we will immediately start working on your project.

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25 Vitosha Blvd., fl. 2. 1000 Sofia Bulgaria
Email: letmecopy@marcellomarchese.it